Expert Gold and Silver Jewelry Repair In North Miami Beach Florida

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We buy Gold

  While Gold and Silver prices are still at yearly highs, many people are choosing to sell their Gold/Silver jewelry and coins. We will pay up to 80% of the value of your precious metal from the daily spot price. 

  If your not sure if what you have is real, bring it in and we will sort through it free of charge. Most metals are stamped identifying quality of material.


 10K or 417

 14K or 585

 18K or 750


 Sterling or 925

 Platinum 10% Iridium

 Platinum 5% Ruthenium


 One way to check your metal is to use a magnet. If it picks up, it's not real. Unless you are checking around clasp, they have a metal spring that will attract.

 Most silverware is plated, the sterling silver sets are stamped or have a raised sterling somewhere on them. If your not sure bring it in.